Dental Extractions:

If you have a tooth which needs an extraction and it has been described as a difficult extraction or a surgical extraction then you should definitely contact us. We perform all types of extractions from simple extractions to soft tissue and more advance surgical extractions, including broken teeth or bone impacted wisdom teeth and/or tooth root rests. 

We also provide bone and soft tissue grafts for our patients if they wish the ultimate care. Following each tooth extraction the jaw bone shrinks and it could affect the facial form and makes less jaw bone available for future restorations. We can provide all type of modern and very safe artificial bone grafts with different membrane technology, like extraction socket bone preservation or more advance bone contour procedure for optimum facial aesthetic following a front tooth extraction. 

If you require dental sedation for your extractions we can provide a full choice of sedation techniques like IV, Oral and Nasal sedation. 

Dentistry is evolving and new treatments are discovered and proposed over the time. One area of special interest and under development is combination of mini implants and simple orthodontic means to provide a light continues drag force. This type of force provides a continues extrusion movement of impacted teeth over a certain period of time. A new innovation like this can provide a gentle treatment experience and improve the outcome of difficult teeth extraction for the patients.