Cost of dental treatments:

How Patients know about the cost of treatment? 

Patients make an initial appointment for an examination including X- rays if necessary. The total cost of this is £39. If any treatment is needed the dentist will provide the patient with a written treatment plan and cost estimate.

Denplan payment plan.

We offer Denplan payment plan to our patients. Denplan will cover the maintenance and emergency (world wide emergency) treatments. Our Denplan cover will cover routine examinations and dental hygiene (cleaning), fillings, extractions, gum treatments, root canal treatment and for the crowns, bridges, dentures, post & Core and occlusal (bite) splints only the lab fee (around less than 10% of the normal cost) is payable.

Members of the same family will also get a discount on our Denplan cover.

Orthodontics, Implants and cosmetic treatments are not covered by Denplan.


Pay as you go:

-Price Example List:

Examination incl. all small or large (OPG) X-rays: £39

Dental hygiene and cleaning (by dentist): £35

Child Examination: £15

Extra Cleaning Visit: £35

White Filling: £120

Root Canal Treatment (incisor and premolar teeth): £350

Root Canal Treatment (molar teeth): £450

Crown: £380 (ask dentist for description)

Immediate Acrylic Denture: £290

Denture Repair , Addition or Relining: £90

Tooth Extraction: £98

Prescription Purchased From Us: £12

Emergency consultation including small or large (OPG) X-rays: £39

Dental Implant with high quality porcelain bonded crown : £1150

Overdenture on two to four implants with/without retention bar: £2500 - £7000

Advance Surgical Procedures:

Surgical access for extractions: £170

Bone Grafts:

- Bone socket preservation (following an extraction): £120

-Guided Bone Regeneration: £300

Orthodontic Treatments:

- Short Term Orthodontics: £3000

- Invisible Removable Orthodontic Devices: £3000

- Comprehensive fixed Orthodontics (Damon Q brackets): £3000 - £5000

- Removable Orthodontic Appliances: £500 - £1500


For any other treatment please consult the dentist.


We accept all major credit cards.

We accept all major credit cards.