Cost of dental treatments:

How Patients know about the cost of treatment? 

Patients make an initial appointment for an examination and cleaning including X- rays if necessary. The total cost of this is £39. If any treatment is needed the dentist will provide the patient with a written treatment plan and cost estimate.

-Price Example List:

Examination incl. all small or large (OPG) X-rays: £39

Dental hygiene and cleaning (by dentist): £35

Child Examination: £15

Extra Cleaning Visit: £35

White Filling: £120

Root Canal Treatment (incisor and premolar teeth): £350

Root Canal Treatment (molar teeth): £450

Crown: £380 (ask dentist for description)

Immediate Acrylic Denture: £290

Denture Repair , Addition or Relining: £90

Tooth Extraction: £98

Prescription Purchased From Us: £12

Emergency consultation including small or large (OPG) X-rays: £39

Dental Implant with high quality porcelain bonded crown : £1150

Overdenture on two to four implants with/without retention bar: £2500 - £7000

Advance Surgical Procedures:

Surgical access for extractions: £170

Bone Grafts:

- Bone socket preservation (following an extraction): £120

-Guided Bone Regeneration: £300

Orthodontic Treatments:

- Short Term Orthodontics: £3000

- Invisible Removable Orthodontic Devices: £3000

- Comprehensive fixed Orthodontics (Damon Q brackets): £3000 - £5000

- Removable Orthodontic Appliances: £500 - £1500


For any other treatment please consult the dentist.