Access to Work Programme for college and university students

Here at Clinic for Implant & Orthodontic Dentistry we provide an access to work programme in a strategic and beneficial way. The person that joins us will be able to observe the following:

  • How to run the surgery on a daily basis
  • How to book appointments and use a specific clinical system
  • How to perform decontamination and cleaning duties (they may only participate in this if they have been made immune to hepatitis B if not they will still learn everything they just cannot participate in the activity)
  • How to order new stock and check the stock
  • How to interact with patients
  • The basics of the regulations that are involved in dentistry
  • Detailed information on each of the procedures performed here (This includes implants and orthodontics)

In addition to all this, the person will be shown a dental training website where they can continue to do courses and receive certificates to show to universities and enhance their personal statements. This training website charges £36.00 per year and they can access and do as many as they wish (this cost is not covered by us however there are a few free courses on there)

We will provide a certificate for attending the practice to add to a portfolio as well as a letter detailing all that was undertaken within the practice’s access to work programme. We can also provide references for 5 higher education boards, but we do charge £100 for all five.

The cost for all of this is £50 per day. If you would like to go ahead with this then you are welcome to give the reception a call on 01903 821 822, pay and then arrange dates for the experience.