Dental Emergency Advise:

Pain In Extraction Site Following Tooth Extraction (Dry Socket).

After extraction especially in the more difficult cases, some patients may experience some discomfort for a few days. If you do have discomfort following a tooth extraction and you want to take pain killers then you are better off to take an anti inflammatory pain killer (like Ibuprofen and/or Aspirin, if you are permitted) rather than Paracetamol. The anti inflammatory pain killers have the benefit of reducing the inflammation in the extraction site as well and hopefully achieving a faster healing.

One of most common causes for pain in the extraction site following a tooth extraction is development of infection in the extraction site. This type of infection is usually developed a few days following the extraction and patients experience pain and severe sensitivity to hot and cold. Some type of people are more prone to develop these type of infection (Dry Socket ) in the extraction site and other factors like smoking, long term diabetes and age affects the risk to develop such infections. Try to avoid smoking because it does increase the risk for such infection.Sometimes it helps if you apply a little clove oil in the extraction socket. But you should be careful and not use too much clove oil because it can burn the gum. You can buy clove oil over the counter in most of  pharmacists.  

Try to see your dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist can provide effective treatment against dry socket.