Dental Implant Dentures - Over Dentures - Permanent Dentures

What are Over Dentures/Implant Dentures?

Over Dentures or Implant Dentures are removable dentures that are retained by Implants that are placed in the jaw bone.

How Many Implants are Placed?

There is usually between 2-6. However this varies from patient to patient and to get the best estimate you would need to come in and see us so that the dentist can have a look.

How Long is The Procedure?

This varies depending on how many implants are being placed but we usually allow around 3 hours. This is not continuous working so we frequently stop to make sure the patient is alright and to break. Sometimes it doesn't take this long it's just to allow us the time if we should need it and to ensure the patient is happy with everything and has no more questions.

How Long Until Everything is Finished?

Immediate Loading: We can do everything in 1-3 days including Implant Placement and Denture.

Delayed Loading (Most Recommended): Usually after the implant have been placed we leave them for a few months to ensure they are intergrated with the bone. This is so they are stable and can withstand the pressure needed to place the denture on top. Then the denture will be made. The whole process can take around 6 months to a year but this depends on many factors. For example some people heal alot quicker than others which shortens the process considerably.

The most recommended is the delayed loading so that the gums and jaw have time to heal so there is less chance for rejection or failure of the implants.

How Much Do Over Dentures/ Implant Dentures Cost?

The cost is usually the sum of how many implants you have placed and the cost of the denture. Please see our fee page for up to date costs.

How Do I go About Starting The Process?

The best thing to do would be to book in a free consultation with the dentist were he will have a chat with you and explain everything in more detail and give your options and better cost estimate. You can make this appointment by either calling 01903 821 822 or clicking the Book An Appointment link here.

Do I Have to Pay For It All In One Go?

No, We ask for a certain amount when we place the implants and then the rest is paid at a later date. This means it can be broken down into more manageable installments. We also have 0% interest finance avaliable for our patients which helps split the cost into 6 or 10 equal installments. We also run a dental maintainence plan called Denplan and when you are a member of it you get 20% Off implants. We also run offers on our facebook.

Is The Implantologist Well Qualified?

Yes, Our Dentist/Implantologist is very well qualified. He has an MSc in Implantology from Britol University. This is the highest possible clinical qualification recognised worldwide. We regularly place implants and are experienced at it. This means you will be in safe hands coming to us knowing that you are with someone that knows what they are doing and can answer all your questions. We work with even the most challenging cases.

What if I've Been Told I Don't Have Enough Bone?

We will still more than likely be able to help you and find a way to place implants. There are many ways to place them with little bone and because our Implantologist is well qualified he is able to perform things most can't or won't. Make an appointment with us and we will see what we can do for you.

Sometimes a an Implant Denture/Over Denture will need a retention bar to make it stronger. This is shown in the picture.

Sometimes a an Implant Denture/Over Denture will need a retention bar to make it stronger. This is shown in the picture.