Orthodontic Emergency Service


We provide an orthodontic emergency service. We can help with the following emergencies:

  • Broken brace/bracket

  • Loose brace/bracket

  • Broken wire

  • Sharp wires

  • Wire that has come out

  • Broken removable retainers

  • Broken fixed retainers

Emergency orthodontist in Worthing town centre. Call 01903 821 822 or book an appointment online.

We cannot always provide a permanent fix for your problem but we will try our best to give you a temporary fix until you can visit your own orthodontist. For the cost of an emergency appointment please see our Fees page.

Due to the force placed on braces/retainers they can overtime become broken. This is normal but you will need to see someone as soon as you are able to in order to get it fixed. You should never leave a problem with retainers or braces because then there is a possibility of relapsing. This means that your teeth could begin to move back to the way they were before the orthodontic treatment.