Implant Procedure - Step 3 - Taking Impressions

This is the stage that will begin the procedure for making the crown to finish the implant.

Firstly, the implantologist will select an impression tray that matches your personal mouth size so it is the most comfortable.

Following this, the implantologist will place a special abutment into the implant which the impression will go round and show the laboratory exactly how the implant has been placed and give them a good idea on how to make the crown.

Then, they will have their nurse mix the impression material and place it into the tray. The nurse will then pass that to the implantologist and place it into your mouth. This is uncomfortable for many patients but the best thing to do is just breathe through your nose and focus on your breathing and not whats going on.

After this, they will unscrew the abutment so that the impression comes out. They will then send this to a laboratory where they will make the crown to fit on your implant.