Implant Procedure Step 2 - Placing the Implant Part 1

This is the stage that the actual implant placement will take place. This can be from a week after the investigation to a few months (if there has been an extraction).

This is quite a lenghty appointment. Usually, we will book an implant for 3 hours and it takes 30 minutes to set up for the procedure. However, don't be put off by the length of time that the appointment is sometimes it can take a much shorter time it is just given to ensure there is no rush. The procedure is a very stop start procedure. This means that the implantologist will work a little then stop for a bit; possibly to take x-rays or prepare for the next stage, and then continue to work.

During the placement the Implantologist will start off by creating a space for the implant to be placed into. This means that the implantologist will begin with a pilot drill to give a starting point as to where the implant will be placed. If a surgical guide was made then this would be used to accurately place the pilot hole.