Loose Tooth

A Few Quick Tips

  1. This injury needs treatment as soon as possible.
  2. Try and move the teeht gently back into their original position.
  3. close the mouh with a piece of gauze, clean hankerchief or napkin between the upper and lower front teeth.
  4. see a dentist as soon as possible. If your tooth is loose, your dentist may suggest a technique called splinting. In this, your dentist will place your tooth back in its right place or as close to that as possible, and help it stay there. They’ll do this by attaching your tooth to the teeth next to it, usually using wires or white filling material called composite. Alternatively, or later on, your dentist may take impressions of your teeth and make a plastic splint. They’ll put the splint on your loose tooth and the healthy teeth either side of it. It may stay in place with suction from your saliva, or your dentist can keep it in place either with cement or wires attached to nearby teeth. You’ll need to wear the splint for a week or two to allow the area to heal.


  1. Attend follow up appointments to monitor teeth.
  2. Maintain good oral hygiene. Gently brush the injured tooth or use moist cotton swab to keep the injured site clean.
  3. Children who are still actively growing are more likelt to have complications from dental trauma.