Mobile Dentist or Dental Technician Home Visit (Dental Domiciliary Care)

What is mobile dentist dental care?

Our dental domiciliary care provides treatments for patients who can not attend a dental surgery through physical or mental disabilities.
This treatment is provided to patients through their home, residential accommodation or nursing home.

Who is eligible for Dental Domiciliary Care?

-Patients who are housebound due to medical or mobility problems
-Patients with mental disabilities
-Patients in hospital or hospices

If the patient requires assistance from a family member or carer please ensure they are present during the appointment. If the patient is unable to consent to their own treatment the dentist will require information as to who can legally sign on the patients behalf. Including name, address and contact number.

What treatments can be provided?

The treatments which can be carried out are:
-New dentures
-Denture repairs

Not all dental treatments can be carried out in a domiciliary setting and there may be the need to refer the patient on to hospital. Each patient will be individually assessed by the dentist and a full treatment plan, including costs, will then be discussed before any treatment is decided upon.

Home visits have a call out charge of £220 and all treatment costs are the same as in practice. These prices can be found in the fees section click Here. We ask that this payment is made in advance of the appointment. This can either be done at the practice, via card over the phone, by bank transfer or a check in the post. We will then send out a receipt.

Please could the patient ensure that the location the treatment is done will have access to water and electricity. Please make sure that all pets are removed from the treatment and secured safely in another room.

How to access this service
Please call Clinic for Implant & Orthodontic Dentistry on 01903 821822 for any inquiries or to make arrangements with the receptionist. 

We can also arrange for patients to be transferred to the practice via private ambulance.