Dental Emergency Advice

Broken tooth or filling which is sharp and sensitive and rubbing against your tongue and makes the area sore.

If you have broken your tooth, do not try to re-implant the fragment back into your gum. Cover the broken tooth with a sugar free chewing gum or temporary filling material (you can get it from pharmacy) and contact your dentist. 

If you have just chipped the edge of one of the front teeth, your dentist will probably smooth the uneven edge and might replace the missing bit with a tooth-coloured filling.

If part of a back tooth (molar) is broken and a section of the chewing surface has broken away, it will probably be replaced with a filling or a crown (a cap that covers your tooth).

If you have broken a tooth halfway down and damaged the network of blood vessels and nerves in its centre (the pulp), root canal treatment will be needed to remove the damaged pulp from your tooth, as this can become infected. The space will then be filled and the tooth sealed with a filling or a crown.