Orthodontic Treatment Options

We provide a wide range of orthodontic treatments like removable appliances, fixed brackets , aligners and retainers.


If you have recently completed your orthodontic treatment and have lost your retainers or they become broken then you need to have new ones made.

Retainers can be made for upper or lower jaw. The ratainer can be a fixed or removable retainer. Removable retainers  like Hawley retainer (with or without labial bow) or for example Essix retainers (invisible retainers).

Fixed retainers are made of metal (usualy twisted steel) and can be made by Orthodontist or dental laboratory.

Dr Mostofi will examine your bite and will advise you about the best type of retainer suitable for you.



Removable appliances

Removable appliances cost considerable less to make and the treatment cost becomes less for the patient. They are not fixed to the teeth and can be removed when necessery. The type of removable appliances are like Twin Blocks, Binator and Activator.

Twin Block

Twin Block


Fixed appliance (Brackets)

Brackets are fixed to the teeth. Brackets are made of different materials like metal, porcelain and hard clear plastic material. Usually the best result is obtained with metal brackets and average treatment time is between 18 to 30 months. 

Metal brackets are less popular with adults who are having orthodontic treatment. Discuss your case with Dr Mostofi and he will advise you about the best type of bracket material suitable for your treatment.

Damon metal  and clear brackets.

Damon metal  and clear brackets.